Monday, November 30, 2009

Tiny Dancer...

Ever since Princess Lilli was two she has wanted to do dancing lessons. She's a twirler by nature and such a little prancer that it made sense.  So at the age of three I took her to dancing lessons.  It took a couple of weeks but she finally enjoyed it and made little friends along the way.  It is an uderstatement to say I was excited about the end of year concert, our very first one!  Pretty costumes, sparkles and makeup.  Whats not to get excited over?

But ofcourse ever since Princess Lilli could walk and talk it was evident that 1) she was extremely clumsy (I could be responsible, although that is yet to be confirmed) and 2) she is very moody. She has a very Princess attitude therefore if she doesnt want to do something, she just wont.

So imagine my shock and horror when at her dress rehrsal she did not want to put on her tiny Jeannie costume. She simply folded her arms, teared up and stood there with a cranky look on her face while the other little Jeannies danced around her. 

Yesterday we had the concert and all I can say is thank heavens for the good old fashioned art of bribery.  With the promise of McDonalds for dinner and a new DVD she was more than happy to not only put on her costumes but also dance and smile.  She went splendid in the before the show rehersals!!  I was overjoyed that she looked like she was loving it and was having fun.

The show started.  In their first dance the tiny Jeannies came out, a little shocked to see the hall had somehow filled since the rehersal but they danced with "oohs" and "ahs" from the adoring audience.  Princess Lilli pranced around the stage, pointed her little toes and twirled all the while looking at her teary mummy.  A few dances later they came out for their second dance, but you could see in Princess Lillis eyes something had snapped in the last 20 minutes, she came out, found me in the audience and just froze.  All the other little girls started skipping........right into her!!!  Needless to say she balwed, I had to get up and scoop her off the stage and hold her.  Right at the end of the dance she said through uncontrolable sobs "I want to get back on".  And so she did.  She didn't dance she just stood there, still sobbing and trying to smile.  The crowd roared for my tiny dancer!

Nanny came for the weekend, which is always a treat for the kids.

The happy girl before rehersals

At rehersal....

And after a very emotional concert the golden trophy was all worth it.....

Have a happy day.

Ang xx

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