Thursday, December 17, 2009

School Holidays (officially)...

It's offically day one of our school holidays. I say officially because although Monkey had a day off yesterday, things went officially crappy today.

The day started out simple, we got up, ate, took Lilli to Pre-School and decided that Monkey would get his haircut. Yep sounded like a good plan. So we're at the hairdressers, the nice lady cutting his hair like Edwards Scissor Hands, then she looks at me with a horror. I thought oh my gosh she's cut his ear off, but he didn't look in pain, he wasnt crying and there was no blood. She motioned for me to come over and parted his hair. And there it was.........head lice!!!  We havent had any experience with lice in this household so I was upset, ashamed and somewhat angry. How!? When!? Whyyyy!??  My reaction in turn made him cry. So the lovely hairdresser lady finished cutting his hair, gave me some product, told me not to worry and told him the same.  So we came home, washed, combed and repeated.

On the up side, the kidlets recieved their present from Nanny and Grandma who bought them a new trampoline. Our one is over six years old, has no pads or net and my kids think they can fly.  So we are now the proud owners of a round trampoline with the safety net around it. 

It doesnt make my heart pound any slower when they are flying!

Heres a few photos of the good times our old one provided. (excuse the angle of Hubbie in the bottom one, but I just love that photo, I think he thinks he can fly too.)

Have a happy day.

Ang xx

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  1. Head lice happens. I went through a few months of hell when the kids were in elementary school.
    I don't know what kind of stuff the hairdresser gave you, but what we have over here to use is SO strong. I used it one time and then decided it was not good for my kids.
    I found that just using one of the little lice combs and a cup of very hot water. I would go through their hair, little by little with the comb and then dip it in the hot water..that would make the nits and lice fall off. IT was painstaking and I would do it daily for at least 3 days. But it was safer than the chemicals.
    This may be more info than you wanted, but when I find something good and natural I like to share.
    Happy Day,