Thursday, December 24, 2009

'Twas The 'Day' Before Christmas...

Our kids were up early bursting with excitement of Christmas Eve. Pirncess Lilli announced "one more sleep mummy!!"  and Monkey asked if we were busy today because if we were the day would go faster. We are busy, we a having a lovely lunch with my mum and little brother today.
Tomorrow we will relax at home with our small family and some friends. And on Boxing Day we leave for holidays at Port Macquarie for two weeks. Two weeks of realxing, playing with the kids without time getting in the way and no work for Hubbie who works six days a week.

Looking back on our year, we cant complain infact we are more that grateful for what we have.
We have two happy and healthy kids who give us joy (and a little cheekiness) every day.
Hubbie and I have been together for over eight years and our lives are exactly where we dreamed we would be when we first met.
Besides me being made redundant from my job at the begining of October our year has been wonderful.

Next year holds some new challanges and some new asparations and dreams.
Whatever next year will bring, I know we will be ok.

Here's our 2009 in very few images.

We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and holiday period.
Thank you to all the kind people who have taken time to read my blog and the wonderful Fellow Bloggers who have left lovey comments.

Have a happy day.

Ang xx

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  1. Wonderful family photos!! Enjoy your vacation.
    Happy 2010!