Monday, December 7, 2009

Un-Busy Little Bee...

My weekend in one word - unproductive.
I just didn't do anything I should have. Saturday Princess Lilli and I played with various tiny toys that I know I will find today in places they souldnt be and hurt my feet on.  I also indulged way too much time in reading gorgeous blogs that literally suck you in and you cant move.
Sunday I woke with a terrible headache so while my hubbie got up and catered to Princess Lilli's every whim, I slept a little more. Infact I woke up at lunch time to find Hubbie has hung out a load of washing, hung up some more Christmas lights around the home, washed both our cars and waxed mine, painted the front door, cleaned the kitchen after breakfast and mowed the lawn!  He is amazing, wonderful and every girl should have one just like that.

A rare photo of him not pulling a goofy face.

And Hubbie in a nutshell..

Now time for me to get busy and redeem myself somewhat and to avoid temptation I'm turning the pc off!
Have a happy day.

Ang xx


  1. What an awesome hubby you have are right every girl needs one, and I'm so glad I have one just like him :)


  2. What a treasure your hubby is! I'm loving your blog - beautiful images and sweet words - LOVE the photo of hubby, the flare and processing is perfect:) Vanessa xx