Thursday, December 3, 2009

Who's Bribing Who.....

I rarely leave the house without my camera, so when Pirncess Lilli and I were going shopping a couple of weeks ago my camera came along.  There's been a spot on the way to the shops I have wanted to stop and take photos for a while now but Princess is usually fast asleep when we drive past.

This particular day, while we were browsing at Cotton On Kids I said to her "Do you think you'd like some photos on the way home under the bridge?" to which she replied whilst holding on to a pink TuTu skirt  "Yes mummy, you can take photos if you buy me this" with a big smile and a flutter of the lashes.  I taught her THAT smile and how to flutter her big brown eyes.  I told her that no she didn't need another tutu, and the cheeky little thing said "No, I don't need another photo".

She has succeeded at the art of bribery.  She is just four.

She got a new tutu, I got some photos.

Have a happy day.

Ang xx


  1. If only I had an hour to sit and read your blog right now! Its lovely. Look forward to catching back up with it really soon :)

  2. Thank you Digella! What a lovely compliment and I must admit your blog is keeping me from doing things I should be doing! I love it.
    Ang xx