Monday, February 15, 2010


Lilli and I went shopping today. Boring grocery shopping and fun shoe and birthday present shopping for daddy who's birthday is late next week.
I told Lilli that the present is a surprise and a secret and she couldn't tell daddy what it was.
Daddy comes home...and says to Lilli "Hello Princess what did you and Mummy get up to today?"
Lilli replies "We went shopping and bought you a surprise it's a bracelet!  Do you want to see it coz it's a big secret??"

Happy birthday honey?

Then I took the kids for a quick session of photos in an open field and totally forgot to re-set my ISO, which was on 1600!!  So a whole hour wasted.  Here are two I did manage to clean up a little.

Have a happy day.

Ange xx


  1. oh no!... To the busted surprise and photo shoot! lol
    At least hubby doesn't know 'what' bracelet it is, so hopefully that helps? :)

    Pics came out lovely though.


  2. Never wasted, Ange :) You got some great smiles. A bit on the blue side though (Just your White Balance, probably due to the high ISO)

    You'll get used to checking all that stuff as you do it more often though, I know I used to do the exact same :)