Sunday, February 21, 2010


Today Josh and I celebrated our sixth year wedding anniversary.
Six years of less than perfect.


Six years of loyalty, friendship, love and family.  Six years of many tears but many more giggles and smiles.
Six beautiful years of making our house become home, of growing our small family.
Like most couples we have had our share of problems and when I think of the beginning of our relationship I some times am amazed that we stayed together.  And like most couples we both get lost in the every day living, kids, job, school, mortgage and all the stress that comes with it all.


I cannot imagine my life without him. Without waking up next to him every morning. Without him snoring next to me every night. I cant imagine sitting on the lounge and not being sprawled all over him every evening once we have kissed our babies good night.  I cant imagine starting my day without our 'Good Morning" phone call or the kiss on the head I receive every afternoon when he gets home from work. I cant imagine the clothes line without his clothes hanging to dry, or smelling his aftershave long after he has finished in the bathroom.  I still get excited when I hear his voice on the phone.  He still sends chills down my spine with the most innocent of smiles and touches. I absolutely cannot imagine Me without Him.

I love you Honey, more than I say and much more than I ever thought possible.

Have a happy day.

Ange xx

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