Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas, Family and Presents oh my...

I adore Christmas, the whole holiday preiod!
I love the frantic pace we live in for the month of December. 
The decorations, the get togethers with friends and family, the big leg of ham that takes up half the fridge and everyone gets sick of within a week, the culinary delights we try to make to take to the mentioned get togethers, the school and preschool concerts and parties, the threat of Santa not coming when kidlets don't behave and of course it's a really good excuse to have that extra glass of wine. I love it all.

Yesterday we had our family Christmas get together.  We usually host it at our place.  One party for my side of the family and  another party for Hubbie's side.  But this year we decided to have one BIG party for everyone.  After all we all know eachother, we all get along really well so it made perfect sence.  We spent the day at Lake Alexadra at Mittagong.

The saying goes "you cant choose your family".  It's true.  In my case if I had to choose I would choose mine.  I only have my Mum and a little brother in Australia but am blessed to have an extended family that I honestly adore.  I love my Mother in Law and my brother in law. I have a niece and nephew that amaze me at how quick they are growing up.
But mostly I have a sister.  She is my brother in laws wife and I love her to bits.  Over the eight years I have known her she has become one of my closest friends.  We are total opposites of eachother in so many ways but somehow we just click.  She has listened to countless hours of my complaints about almost everything, she has coloured my moods when all seemed black and we have spent hours and hours laughing.  I just love her.  Oooh and as an added bonus she comes with a really lovable sister, brother and parents.
Here's some random photos of our fun yesterday.

Have a happy day.

Ang xx

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