Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ninja Monkey...

Monkey has been doing Karate now for just under 18 months.

Today he recieved his blue belt!  We couldnt be prouder of him.

Although he whines and carries on at times about going to training, he is forever walking around the house karate chopping, round kicking and doing his cartas on anything that will stand still for a split second.  Usually that means Princess Lilli and she promptly and very loudly yells at him to stop. Which in turn turns into a screaming match (just from her).  Monkey doesnt scream he just stands extremely close to her cranky little body and proceeds to do Karate moves on her.

In his defence "but I'm not even touching her!"

Here's the proud and happy blue belted Monkey.

Have a happy day.

Ang xx

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