Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cleaning the Princess Way...

This morning over breakfast I was chatting to the kids about pocket money.  Corey wants a new Wii game so we have told him he has to do some chores and save up for it himself.  Easy conversation with an easy going nine year old.

As soon as Lilli heard we were discussing money she asked if she could do some chores and earn some money too. And so the conversation went from easy to.........well this

Me: So what do you think you can do to help around the house.
Lilli: Well when I'm bigger like daddy I can hang out the washing.
Me: That sounds lovely but do you think there is anything you can help with while you are still little?
Lilli: Yep, I can vacuum!
Me: With my big vacuum cleaner?
Lilli: (rolling her eyes) No you'll buy me a pink princess one mummy.

Yes I will honey, yes I will.

Princess Lilli processed with Honey Child from Sheye Rosemeyer's Eye Candy Actions

Have a happy day.
Ang xx


  1. aww what a little doll! Just precious Ang

  2. How cute is this Darling Girl?? :) Please tell Corey I'm becoming a bit of an expert on MarioKart on the Wii!! Vxx