Friday, January 29, 2010

Before and After

I never do this as I'm only new to blogging and photography and still trying to find my feet.
But this time I thought I would...
Monica over at Pixel Perfect is having a blog hop to show off everyones editing techniques.

These photos were taken a couple of months ago for my friends daughters year 10 formal.  She is sixteen and so gorgeous, I wanted to make a few look different and pop. She and her mum loved them.

The before

And the after.

I first de-saturated the photo then coloured back in the dress and hammoc.
Then I applied Eye Candy actions Lightswitch to lighten the shadows on her face and Zap to make the colour really pop.

Yay my first blog hop.

Have a happy day.
Ang xx


  1. I love how dramatic the edited one is and I LOVE your header!! So beautiful! Thank you for sharing your talent with everyone and joining in on the blog hop fun!


  2. Love it too!! And like Monica...I am in "blog love" with your header. I absolutely love those Eye Candy Actions but I only have photoshop elements, so, alas, I can not get in on the Eye Candy fun!!

  3. Where do you find the eye candy actions?? {grin} I love your edit - it completely changed the mood of the photo - beautiful!

  4. Wow, beautiful picture! You are talented! I love the edit. What editing program do you have that takes the eye candy actions?