Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Miss You Already...

We have just returned from spending four glorious days with my little brother Paul and his lovely girlfriend Teigen  in Canberra. We had the best weather for all our touristy outings which included The War Memorial, The Zoo, Telstra Tower, Botanic Gardens and Australia Day Concert at Parliament House. However only three songs from Evermore was just not enough!

They used to live around the corner but late last year moved to Canberra for work. And both us and the kids miss them like crazy.  The kids adore Uncle Pauly (Corey especially has a very strong bond with him) and just secretly I thinks Lilli loves Teigen just a tiny bit more. They have this cute little two bedroom villa that accommodated seven of us. It was loud, squeezy and we all had a blast.

Pauly and Teigen thanks for having us and we miss you already.

Lilli at the park behind Paulys house...mmm yummy sunset light.

My silly boys. Love them all.

Just a couple from the zoo...

And a rare family photo courtesy of Uncle Pauly...

Have a happy day.
Ang xx

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