Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pain In The Neck...

A couple of weeks ago I purchased a new camera.  It's just lovely.  BUT.  When I hang it around my neck (which is a must for a clutz like me) it hurts.  The strap is really hard and digs into my neck.  I know boo hoo.
I have asked my husband to buy me a hand made strap and camera bag from Etsy for my birthday but that's not until June.  By the way they have really cute hand made stuff.
So I made myself one yesterday.  It was so simple and for now it will do.
All I did was cut some quilt wadding the length of my strap, covered it with some pretty Amy Butler fabric and ta da!  We have comfy strap.

Have a happy day.

Ang xx


  1. That is so cute!! And practical too, I can't hang mine around my neck, I hang mine off my shoulder or use a grip thingy (I'll show you what I mean on Facebook!) Vx

  2. What a fabby idea, Ang. And Amy Butler...could it be any prettier?