Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gone Is The Blur...

If you read my previous post you will know that I was trying to take photos indoor without the flash and failing miserably. It was really getting to me and I ended up whining and complaining about it on Facebook.
And two wonderfully kind and very talented photographers came to my aid.  Literally walking me through it step by step.  Their advice helped and fixed my problem, I now know to shoot in Manual and control Shutter, ISO and Aperture all in one. I usually either shot in Aperture or Shutter modes, hence the blur or darkness.   Something I was not trying because to be honest I just didn't know how to and never really shot indoors.  But in a couple of weeks a friend has asked me to take a few photos of her four month old baby and I know most of the shots will be indoors. So I needed to practice.
So a huge thank you to Vanessa and Julian for helping what seemed like a lost cause.  Go check out their sites, both are amazing.

And here are the improvements...

Have a happy day.
Ang xx


  1. Now you'll have to write a tutorial on it so I know how to do it too!

    Great shots!

  2. These are AWESOME! Great work, Ange! So glad it worked out :)