Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I am addicted.
It is one object that I can not live with out.
If I could only pack three things to take on a deserted island, one of them would be mascara.
I even had eyelash extensions done last year to make my lashes lush. (oh yes I did)

Lilli however has been blessed with full, lush, fake looking eyelashes.
Lucky girl, I am envious.

Have a happy day.

Ange xx


  1. Oh she is a beauty!! I love her beautiful, full lips and those eyes!! What a sweetie xx (vanessa xx)

  2. She certainly does have beautiful eyelashes.

    My 3rd child was born with eyeliner. Old ladies would scold me for putting makeup on my baby ... except I hadn't!

    And my son has the longest, most beautiful eyelashes. Just not fair!!

    Eyelash extensions? I never knew it was possible - and it sounds rather complicated.

  3. Wow, i soo wish i had those lashes!

    And she is completely flawless, soo gorgeous. Amazing shot :)