Thursday, April 29, 2010

Interview With a Four Year Old...

Lilli talks a lot.  A. LOT.
All day, everyday she chats and asks questions.  This was out conversation at 9.00am yesterday.
Lilli: Where's Daddy?
Me: At work.
Lilli: He has to work so we can have nice things.
Me:  That's right, and have food and a roof over our heads.
Lilli: Well because he's at work now can we go buy nice things?
Me:  That sounds nice but we have to go grocery shopping.  
Lilli: He's your husband (with a giggle).
Me: Yep, are you going to get married when your're bigger?
Lilli: Noooo!  Yuck.
Me: Why is it yuck.
Lilli: Cause I don't want to marry daddy! 
Me: No you don't marry daddy, you marry someone else you love. Maybe you'll have a baby?
Lilli: I already have Daisy (her baby doll)
Me: She's not a real baby.  She doesn't cry or eat and you don't have to change her nappy.
Lilli: Mummy!  Cant you hear her now?  She's screaming, she never stops.  She's a real pain.
Me:  Um, no I cant hear her.
Lilli: Maybe we need to check your ears.
Me:  Huh?
Lilli: (rolling her eyes)  Well if you cant hear we need to clean out your ears.
Me: Maybe we need to wash your mouth out with soap??
Lilli: Nah, we need to go grocery shopping.

Imagine her as a teenager!!  God help us.

Have a happy day.

Ange xx


  1. Such cute hilarious response !

    And oh my gosh..that picture :)


    K xx

  2. A well shot photo Ange...lovely lighting!

  3. Wow, Ange. That photo is hands down the best I've ever seen you take. Great! Window light? Rocks! Well done hey :)