Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Teigen + Brea = Best Friends

For those of you who visit my blog often, you would be familiar with Teigen.
She is my little brothers partner of two years.
To us she is many things.
The kids love her being their 'Aunty', Lilli especially has a beautiful bond with her.
Josh loves the fact that she can have an intelligent conversation and she has a great sense of humour.
Me, well she's like a little sister to me.  She brings out the 'young at heart' in me.  She has become a friend I can't imagine my life without.
In our house she is loved.

And Brea is her best friend.  They met in the early days of high school and eight years on they are still best friends.  They are both turning Twenty One very soon and wanted some nice photos of the both of them .
We went to the old train tracks at Thirlmere where everything but the Girls is old.

Enjoy girls :)

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Have a happy day.

Ange xx


  1. very nice :)

  2. This is awesome. You just keep getting better everytime I come back here! Love the flare shots. You know I'm biased there though lol. Really great shots. Nothing more to say, really. Woop!