Monday, May 17, 2010

Meet Danielle...

The winner of my 100 Facebook Fans competition I held a little while ago.
She welcomed me into her home yesterday and I must say she is a really inspiring young woman.
When I was in my mid twenty's I went out a lot, was irresponsible a lot and shopped a lot.  Saving for my car registration was the hardest thing let alone anything substantial like an overseas holiday or a deposit on a house.
This young lady is in her mid twenty's, single, has travelled and bought her own home 18 months ago.
That's independent.  That is admirable.

I know she found it a little awkward and uncomfortable at first with my lens in her face but I got some great shots and she has these amazing aqua coloured eyes.  

I even may have talked her into joining me at my weekly Kickboxing classes.
Thanks Danielle!  Enjoy your little sneak peak.

Have a happy day.

Ange xx

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