Friday, May 21, 2010

Two Cheeky Monkeys {Picton Children's Photographer}

Being quite new to this business I guess I have an illusion that every session and every client will be a dream to work with.  And so far they have been.
On Sunday I (started) a session for two little sisters and that dream didn't go as planned.
These two little girls are so adorable and beautiful. The older one Caitlin was excited and didn't mind being photographed but baby Gemma was not well and teething.  And I know what it's like.
While we got some great shots we didn't get enough.  And instead of trying to get a sick and crying little girl to do what she didn't want to we decided to finish the session the following day.
The following day we ventured to the park early in the morning.
This time I got huge smiles from little Gemma but Miss Caitlin announced that she didn't want phtos.  :)
After a few games of hide and seek, tickles and bribes it worked out (mostly).

Enjoy your sneak peak Tabatha and thanks for letting me play with the girls.

Little Gemma broke her leg a few weeks ago and has this tiny purple cast on.  I know!

Have a happy day.

Ange xx


  1. Simply gorgeous!! Though I'd have still done the photos with grumpy children...some of my favourite photos are of my daughter in a bad mood...and having proof of them at their worst...maybe it is just me, lol!!
    That little cast (ouch!!) is gorgeous (but ouch!! :( )

  2. How PRECIOUS! These are all divinely beautiful!!

    Hope you are having a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

    K xx

  3. Awesome, awesome shots, Ange. And that last shot - Super cute adorable haha!!