Friday, September 10, 2010

Lilli and Her Ways...

My darling little girl has been a little jealous of the photos I have been taking lately of clients.
She will come into my office while I'm editing and rest her little arms and head on my desk and just stare at the pc.
Asking such things as "Who's that?"  "Is that at the beach?"  "Why are you colouring them in?"
And the most sweet question "Why haven't you taken photos of me in a long time?"
Simple answer to that is because every time I do she insists on funny faces, silly faces and I usually just get a shot of her back. So on this particular day I said to her "Come on, we'll go take some photos of your pretty hair"
She lets me braid it only so she can have this mop of wild fuzz she loves to shake and whip back and forth.

Even on this day, when she pleaded and insisted on photos being taken of her she wouldn't sit still.

Till of course she got bored and tired.  She sat still for this one.  It was literally a split second before she ran off squealing and dancing.

Have a happy day.

Ange xx


  1. Oh my goodness!

    1. She has gorgeous hair, i am jealous!

    2. That last photograph is stunning. It truly is beautiful, and i love the black and white finish - pure lovliness :)

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

    K xx

  2. I saw these on your Facebook - So freaking cute! And I love the little story behind it.