Monday, October 25, 2010

Beautiful Baby Scarlet - 14 days old {Picton Newborn Photographer}

How slack have I been?!?!?!?
Now that I work full time I barely have time to do what needs to be done let alone do all the extra things that I love but are just a lovely bonus in my life.
Like my photography and blogging.  Both have had to take a back seat for a while till I settle back into full time work.  Something I haven't done since I had Corey ten years ago.
But I'm pleased to report that I'm loving my job and both me and the family are adjusting well to the big change.
Anyway enough about me!

Meet baby Scarlet.  I photographed her and her family a few weeks ago and she was just 14 days old.
Tiny, beautiful and awake for most of the indoor session.
After almost two hours of trying to get her to sleep, a couple of feeds and not much luck we headed out to the beautiful surroundings that were blooming with Spring!
That seemed to have worked and Scarlet was sound asleep.
While I snapped Scarlet, Daddy fussed over his older Princess Lilly!  He was throwing her up in the air and gifts of freshly picked flowers made me smile to now end.

Here is the very overdue session :)

Have a happy day.

Ange xx

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