Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Princess Lilli

I kissed her last night and hugged her extra long.
I laid there for a long time listening to her breathe and smelling the strawberry shampoo in her freshly washed hair. Yesterday was her last day of being four.
This morning she woke at 6.30.
Sleepy eyes, messy hair and FIVE!
She really hasn't changed all that much over the last 12 months.
Yes she is bigger.  And much smarter.  A lot more confident.
But she is still our silly, beautiful and clumsy girl.

Her favorite colour is still pink.
She loves Barbie, her baby, Polly Pockets and Littles Pet Shop.
She could colour in for hours and hours.
She has a huge crush on Justin Beiber (or Justin Beaver as she calls him)
And her request for dinner this birthday is sausages, pasta and vegetables. (last year it was prawns)

So Happy Birthday my beautiful Lilli Angel.
May you always wake up happy with sleepy eyes xo

Have a happy day

Ange xx


  1. I'm a bit late here but I hope the beautiful princess had a wonderful day xx